Instead of scaling your mod team to huge sizes why not invest in a Discord automod bot that can handle most issues for you automatically 24/7

Always active

Timezones and availability make it difficult to always have staff on to respond to issues.

An effective setup with AutoModerator will handle a majority of bad content for you automatically so you can focus on priority issues instead.

Standard Toolkit

All the essentials your staff need such as Ban, Kick, Warn, Mute, Caselogs, Bulk Chat Purging so they can do their job efficiently.

Text Filters

Block specific text while also being able to tune them to specific punishments and variables to prevent misfires on wrong text.

Content Type Filters

Allow only certain domains and invites to be posted. You can also restrict files and NSFW to keep your community even safer.

Role Selectors

Use modern buttons and dropdowns instead of old reactions to provide users with roles. Compatible with all platforms and instantaneous.


Restrict the age and profile pictures of users that are able to join your community. Also, quickly remove large waves of bad actors swiftly.

Report Queue

Set specific names and text to be auto-reported to your staff for review alongside allowing users to do the same with one click.

Preview Gallery

Showcasing some of what we have to offer. Be sure to check out the guides for more!


Guides on how to set up notable features of the bot easily step by step.

Initial Setup

A simple guide to setting up the bot when you first add it to your community.


An overview of all the tools we provide your staff to quickly teach them what's available.

Role Selectors

A simple guide to setting up the type types of Role Selectors we officer.


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