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Instantly removes the user from your community.


Allows the user to rejoin your community after being banned.


Instantly removes the user from your community but allows them to rejoin immediately without staff intervention.


Sends a warning via direct message to the user and records it to their mod log history as an official warning on their account.


Instantly stops the user from being able to send messages.


Allows the user to send messages again.


Allows you to set and edit a reason for any action log that has a case ID available on it.


Displays the specified user modlog history entirely.

Right click on a user to view their history too


Everyone on desktop only currently can utilize the Report button provided by AutoModerator to easily flag issue content.

Right click on a message to report it

Reviewing Reports

Once you've reviewed a report you can either choose Actioned if you actioned it or Acknowledged.


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