Create a prompt

To start, create a prompt and fill in the necessary fields. Once you’ve created the prompt save the prompt ID.


If you forget it you can always see a list of your prompts with the slash command /roles list

Add your roles

Using the prompt ID from earlier you can now add roles to the embed. Depending on your settings as explained above it will add it as a button or drop-down option.

All Commands

  • /role prompt create

    Use this to create a prompt

  • /roles prompt delete

    Use this to delete a prompt

  • /roles add

    Add a role to a prompt

  • /roles remove

    Remove a role from a prompt

  • /roles list

    View all your prompts

Should I use buttons?

With Buttons

If you opt to use buttons, you can have a maximum of three before it will become a drop-down list instead.

Without Buttons